Welcome to Comprendre Le Vin!

Wine sometimes seems inaccessible, too complicated, or elitist? You enjoy a good bottle but you sometimes have the impression not to enjoy it the true value? You are suspicious of "opinion leaders" in wine (guides, media, professionals) and would like to gain autonomy in your choices and your taste?

If you recognize yourself in any of these questions, then this site is for you.

I'm not a wine expert, just a passionate amateur. I had the chance to follow tasting courses during my youth with someone who not only made me enjoy wine, but mostly gave me the keys to better understand my own tastes and factors allowing me to get independancy in making choices.

My blog aims to demystify the world of wine which still seems very elitist today, especially in France. You will discover that it is necessary to neither be a famous wine expert nor master a weird language, to be able to appreciate wine at its true value. In short, this blog will kill off a lot of prejudice and it might not please everyone.

The idea for this blog came to me after having designed and published a wine cellar management software you can also download from this site. By using it, I realized that, despite its simplicity, it was better to have some understanding of the world of wine to be able to make the right purchases that match the user's taste and better take advantage of this software.